At ActivStyle, our culture is centered on the following:

Behavioral Competencies

Ethics and Integrity

At ActivStyle, Inc., our employees possess a strong set of core values and beliefs consistent with our social, ethical and organizational principles;

  • Act in line with those values during both good and bad times;
  • Display stewardship by valuing others and their perspectives, extending self beyond self-interest and promoting the common good.


ActivStyle, Inc. leadership is visionary, strategic and inspirational;

  • Manage in a way that demonstrates integrity and engages others;
  • Display strong emotional intelligence by recognizing own emotions and their effects, while knowing strengths and limitations;
  • Communicate effectively by actively listening and sharing relevant information;
  • Is visible and easy to approach;
  • Demonstrate conceptual design with the ability to create, explore, and clearly and concisely articulate ideas.


Our employees seek and enlist active participation of others to reach individual or departmental goals:

  • Focus on the greater good and on winning as one team;
  • Work to eliminate silo mentality by developing and maintaining productive working relationships across all levels, functions, and geographies.

Quality Execution

ActivStyle, Inc. employees meet internal and external customer expectations to deliver products or services error free;

  • Recognize opportunities to improve operations;
  • Take initiative to solve problems by utilizing all available tools and resources;
  • Work to implement constructive change, while focusing on continuous improvement.

Results Oriented

Our employees drive behavior to emphasize achievement;

  • Are self-directed toward accomplishment;
  • Regularly achieve or exceed expectations through pragmatic and innovative execution.


ActivStyle, Inc. employees exhibit receptiveness to change or adapt to their work environment;

  • Process the ability to change (or be changed) to fit circumstances;
  • Adjust with ease and drive their behaviors and actions necessary for achieving the long-term vision.

Mission Statement

ActivStyle’s mission is to become the leading medical products supplier through superior service, integrity, innovation and professionalism, including always doing what’s right for our customers, referral sources, payers and employees. We strive to make our patients’ lives easier.

Every ActivStyle employee strives daily to have a positive impact on the lives of their fellow employees and the valued customers we all serve. We are independent thinking problem solvers committed to performing outstanding customer service with a caring, humble attitude toward all those who we interact with daily.

Core Values

  • Customer Focus
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Teamwork
  • Uncompromising Integrity

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